Need an Expert for Your Summit, Webinar or Event?

If you’ve ever planned an online summit, webinar or event, you know people will only take time out of their day to attend if you offer one thing – outrageously tantalizing, helpful training. Training that inflates their bottom line. Training that engages and engrosses their mind. Training broken down into tiny bite size steps that they can easily implement.

Here are just a few reasons to let me wow the pants off your attendees (and help you draw in even more):

  • FREE: I don’t charge a penny, because I don’t have to! Even when I’ve presented training for Amazon Mastermind Groups that charge hundreds of dollars a month just to attend, like Illuminati Mastermind, where I was not allowed to pitch, those sellers track me down to buy my products. I’ve made over $75,000 in sales this year from speaking at events, so yeah, it’s worth it!
  • INCREASED ATTENDANCE & EVERGREEN SALES: I’m a marketing psychology master, and that means I know how to create both a title and presentation that has your audience clamoring to attend, learn more, and buy your ‘summit’ or ‘webinar replay’ packages. Remember, I’m one of the top copywriters in the world. I have over $100,000,000 in sales under my belt on Amazon alone.
  • PRAISE & RETENTION: My presentations do more than get you and your training’s massive praise (which makes you look good), 30-50% of people who attend buy the replay and my products, even when I don’t pitch anything and they have to track me down! Now that’s saying something!
  • PROFESSIONAL YET FUN: I’m a PRO – I’ve appeared LIVE on countless summits, video training series, webinars and even live events. I THRIVE in front of large crowds, and I’m trained in NLP stage presence and conversational hypnosis, so my presentation attendance rate is somewhere near a shocking 95%. That means 95% of the people who come stay for the entire presentation.
  • AUDIENCE GROWTH: I create my own ‘lead magnets’ to help you draw in even more people, and if you’d like, I’ll even write hypnotic pre-event emails for my presentation 100% free of charge.
  • I MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY! Your life becomes easier – instead of hand holding a newbie, or  wining and dining a ‘rock star’ type, you simply shoot me an email with a date and time, I’ll send back presentation ideas, then I create whatever we need to make it happen – PowerPoint, lead magnet, bio…you name it…whatever you need for my presentation.
  • PROOF I’M THE BEST IS EVERYWHERE: I bring HEAVY PROOF and a near decade long 5-star track record. If you want to see the proof or track record, it’s all over this website.
  • LOVABLE PERSONALITY: Training Coordinators say my personality is ‘MAGNETIC’, ‘FUN’ and ‘CHARISMATIC’.
  • I’M FLEXIBLE: Panicked event coordinators have contacted me with a few days notice, many times, to fill in at their events. I love teaching so much that I’m happy to wiggle my schedule around to make sure my time works best for you.
  • I LOVE Q&A: Because I’m not just a ‘trainer’ or ‘listing optimizer’, I’m an online seller, I can answer any ecomm, sales funnel, email marketing, review getting, Sponsored Ads marketing, Facebook marketing, 6 figure product sourcing, market identification, branding or other Amazon question they throw at me. I’ve written and consulted with more than 1,000 successful Amazon sellers, so you can’t even begin to imagine what I know 😉

A Few Topics I’ve Recently Presented: 

  • 3 Hypnotic Secrets to a 100k Per Month Listing
  • Manifest More Sales – The Simple 5 Step Mindset Shift for Rapid Sales Magnification
  • 27 Step Hypnotic Amazon Listing Intensive

If you want a fun, lively, inspiring presentation chocked full of audience magnetizing content, then simply email me at or call 1 (360) 376 – 5880.

Make Today Amazing!

Diane Boerstler, M.NLP

The Hypnotic Amazon Sales Guru