Are you taking these 3 Simple Steps to PRIME yourself for massive Amazon Black Friday Sales? (The secret to $220,000,000 in Amazon sales)

Diane Boerstler here.

Since I’ve helped Amazon Sellers generate more than $220,000,000 in sales in the last few years alone I figured you’d feel open to hearing some of my ‘insider secrets’ to maxing out your sales on Black Friday.

Sound good? Great!

Let’s launch right in then:


ATTRACT, EXPLAIN, POSITION You probably expect I’m going to say that you need to re-optimize your listing (if you’re not sure if you do or not, shoot me an email – I’ll review it for free!). What you truly need to do is look at your images. There are THREE main images you MUST have in EVERY Amazon listing.

Image #1: An ATTENTION GRABBING, classy, polished main image.
Why? Because this get’s people to look and click (of course your title needs to outshine the stars, but again, that’s optimization).

Image #2: The EXPLAINER Image – an image that points out the main features of your product and paints of picture of why they are superior (and especially how they’ll transform your customer life!)

Image #3: The POSITIONING Image
Generally an infographic that shows the benefits/features/transformations provided by ‘the other guys’ (don’t name names!) positioned next to yours – so your product gets the rock star status it deserves.

FYI – If you don’t know if your images are ‘good enough’ shoot me an email, I’ll review them and tell you what to fix – 100% gratis!

There are just a few ways to increase your BSR and they all center around – you guessed it – driving a ton of traffic so you make a ton of sales and Amazon gives you love (the more sales you make, the more love Amazon gives you, the higher your BSR, the higher your ranking, and the more sales you make…)

Of course you absolutely must turn all those ‘looky loo’s’ into buyers if you want to stay in business.

That means that every word in your Amazon Product Listing MUST (and I mean absolutely, unequivocally MUST) make the ‘reader’ do one of two things:

Each phrase must make the buyer want to either:
A) Read the next phrase…and the next one…and the next one…and the next one…
B) CLICK THE BUY NOW BUTTON (our ultimate goal, right?)

If you know HOW to do that – how to create a Hypnotic, high-converting Amazon Product Listing that generates 18k, 30k or even 100k a month (like I do) then you’re doing awesome! Congratulations!

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Diane Boerstler, M.NLP
The Hypnotic Amazon Copywriter

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