How to Write Your Amazon Listing and Optimize Your Product Listing for Massive Sales and Double or Triple Conversion

Amazon Copywriting Case Study: 500% SALES Increase & Doubled Conversions in 30 Days

TESTIMONIAL FROM GLENN BELOW…(Like all Amazon sellers, he asked that we keep his product and personal info confidential 😉

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If you know me well then you know I love to keep business boosting case studies SIMPLE, so today I’m going to give you an insiders peek of how we transformed Glenn’s Amazon Product Listing conversions from an “industry acceptable” 20% to a whopping 45% PLUS Increased his sales to FIVE TIMES what they were before he implemented our listing and optimization strategies in the process.


(AKA – Why wouldn’t this work?)

LOW SEARCH VOLUME: While this is a highly competitive product niche, the search volume for this specific product was EXTREMELY LOW (below 10,000 for the main keyword and below 20,000 for side keywords) so we knew we had to find alternative SEO keywords for repositioning this product if we were to hit our main goal – Increasing Sales

OTHER POPULAR BRAND DOMINATION: Another major brand literally OWNED the space in the marketplace. In fact, the highest search volume was for that other brands specific product, as was the second higher search volume, and the third and beyond. As Amazon won’t index your competing brands for your listing (unless you’re sneaky and know how to do that) this normally poses a significant challenge.


Here’s what WE did differently than his last copywriter: 

STEP 1: 5X Buyer Keyword Research – SEO

While most Amazon Product Listing Copywriters focus on the ‘highest volume’ keywords, we give our clients a significant competitive advantage

Checked AMAZON for the combination for highest volume/lowest competition BUYER keywords using 3 different softwares (We depend mostly on Scope but love using 2 others as ‘fall backs’ to make sure we capture every keyword, every time!)

Checked Google, Bing, Youtube and related sites  for the combination of highest volume/lowest competition keywords (if you don’t know why we check YouTube then you’re missing out – contact me for more info).

Ran our Low-Saturation/High-Sales proprietary equation to determine PRECISELY which keywords to optimize within the title, then the bullet points, then (just in case Amazon changes their mind and starts indexing these words again) the description.


STEP 2: Competitive Buyers Research

From the moment we received Glenn’s sales copy brief for his women’s hygiene product we dove deep into the competitive research. We asked critical questions about WHY customers were buying the competing product like:

  • What are the HOT BUTTON words that make the competitors customers take action?
  • Which TRANCE WORDS customers personally use that will resonate, connect, build rapport, and inspire action?
  • What are potential customers saying their MAIN problem is across blogs and forums and Facebook groups?
  • How would the customers LOVE to see the products benefits and their life transformation (after using the product) explained?
  • How can we use this HUGE VOLUME OF INTEL COLLECTED in combination with our Top 1% NLP Advertising and Hypnotic Sales Copy techniques to dramatically boost Glenn’s conversions?


STEP 3: DON’T COPY the competitors listing (aka, write one that converts EVEN BETTER)

The absolute WORST thing you can do, as we have told over 1000 Amazon Sellers now, is to write a listing that ‘looks like or feels like’ their listing. You absolutely MUST stand out in the crowd if you’re expecting to increase your Amazon sales.

A. Create an SEO optimized, High-Converting TITLE (200 characters as we discovered through our Facebook Audience Insights analysis that Glenn’s crowd spends most of their time on devices that are NOT mobile, so we leveraged the full space to increase his visibility in the Amazon search engine)


(Designed to resonate, connect, build rapport and most important…inspire it to get clicked!)

Here is that pattern (should you dare to try to implement this yourself 😉

EXAMPLE: [Hypnotic Product Name][Fast Ranking Buyer Keyword][Transformational Benefits with Additional Keywords]


B. Hypnotic Amazon Bullet Points

Note: This bullet point pattern sequence is DIFFERENT for EVERY product on Amazon because really, the rule of thumb is that you tell your customer what they need to hear to buy!

Bullet point #1 focused on what made the product UNIQUE based on what the customer said they wanted and how it would transform the clients life

Bullet point #2 focused on the VALUE and how it COMPARED/was BETTER than competiting products

Bullet Point #3: Focused on WHY it was safeer (not just ‘that’ it was safe, but WHY it was safer). We used customers specific words about competing products to drive this point home.

Bullet Point #4: Other ways you can use it and how it will transform your life in other ways.

Bullet Point #5: ALWAYS the guarantee, but never just a ‘boring’ guarantee. Again, we tied the guarantee into how it would transform that woman’s life.

GUIDELINES: All bullet points were within the ‘optimal range’ of 250 to 350 characters and every bullet point started with an ALL CAPS HOOK – ANCHOR sequence. Every bullet point was designed to get the reader to read the next bullet point, then onto the description. This is a basic psychological premise most Amazon Copywriters leave out!


For the description we used the “Girlfriend Pattern” and spoke to each women as though she was sitting with a friend, asking questions, and getting expert (friendly, trustworthy) guidance.

Part 1: What’s in this [product name] anyway? 

Many Amazon listings that sell products we put IN our body tend to focus on WHAT’s in it, but never justify why that’s better than the competition (positioning anyone? 😉 but what really made this shine was that we had an abundance of research (hot button and trance words) from which to pick and we KNEW which questions they’d ask. (Yes, we can predict which questions potential customers will ask – it’s not rocket-science or psychic abilities – it’s our background in conversational hypnosis and NLP)

Part 2: Focused on how it would extend the life of other products

We knew that this benefit was important to our clients’ crowd of buyers because we dug deep, Deep, DEEP into the research and actually charted the number of times this was mentioned.

Additional bullet points were critical here…

No life extending benefits? You can, instead, focus on how it benefits other parts of your customers life.

Part 3: How will it make OTHERS think of me

In this case, other products left them smelling funky or fake. We realized our clients’ natural ladies wanted to smell fresh, not funny, so we highlighted that in the Amazon description copy.

Part 4: Reinforce the Guarantee

We gave the clients guarantee it’s own unique VIP Style name, reinforced the transformation the customer would experience, then reassured the customer that this company wants them to feel 100% thrilled with their purchase or they’d hand back every penny (we’ve used the term ‘prompt refund’ with success as well)

Part 5: Convert it to HTML

I’m always surprised at how many ‘big chunks’ of text I still see in the Amazon description section.

Easy to Read = Higher Conversions so do what we did for Glenn and use a FREE Html Converter to format your Amazon descriptions.

My favorite:


“Which is more important, optimizing your images or optimizing your copy…”

If you’ve sold on Amazon for any period of time you KNOW there’s this (silly) ongoing battle between ‘Amazon listing copy optimization’ and ‘Images’…

Truth is, you can have 1 image, and zero reviews and high converting copy, and still profit massively. However in this case we provided the client with guidance on how to transform his basic images into our “6 Must Have High-Converting Images” (feel free to request a copy of this PDF, I finally got smart and wrote it all down!)

Here is the LIST of high-converting images we always recommend: 

Image 1 – Main Image – crisp, clear, eye-catching on an all white background

Image 2 – Value Comparison Image – you need an image that shows a TABLE of your features/benefits side by side next to ‘leading brands’ but DON’T mention their name. Literally use the word ‘leading brands’ instead of a specific brand or you’ll open yourself up to libel.

Image 3 “All the Bells & Whistles” Image – shows all of the features on one image. It’s fine to split out special features/benefits across other images as well, but you need at least one ‘all in one’ image.

Image 4 – Measurements image – emoticon/graphic holding it up by their chest to show the relative size as well.

Image 5 – Lifestyle/Application Image: Show who uses your product and how and in what setting.

Image 6 – Breakdown of most unique feature ‘images’. This is where you use your hypnotic anchor if you’ve created one.

BONUS Image 7 – Money back guarantee image (if room).



  • 5X More Sales in Under 30 Days
  • Increase in conversions from 20% to 45%
  • Customers saying “competitor who??”

Plus an extremely satisfied client =) (our favorite part)

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