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6 Simple Yet Powerful Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing

Every smart Amazon Seller knows that you only really need 3 things to make massive sales on Amazon.

2. Products customers want (preferably one that solves a problem!)

2. A high-converting, and SEO optimized Amazon Product Listing that resonates, connects, builds rapport and positions your product as the #1 choice so your customers click “Add to Cart”. This is CRITICAL because unless your listing converts off the charts, you’ll never make enough sales to justify Amazons monthly and quarterly fees, and you’ll never get off the ground. So before you send traffic make sure you have a HIGH-CONVERTING (and seo optimized) Amazon product listing.

3. Traffic; as much as you can drive in to your listing! (Think 1,497 people in 24 hours…)

Because I’ve already created 100’s of articles, YouTube videos and trainings on how to write an optimized, high-converting product listing for Amazon today we’ll focus on the #3 – TRAFFIC!

My Favorite Method? Free YouTube Video Marketing!

Creating and sharing my Page 1 YouTube videos resulted in more than 1,497 MORE customers landing on my page within a mere 24 hours of following the steps below, plus gained me 196 subscribers (and growing) that see my new videos (video updates) on YouTube every time I release a new one.

What would getting 1,497 clicks cost you via Amazon Sponsored Ads? What about if you paid for that traffic on Facebook or Google Adwords?

Many sellers are afraid of YouTube slapping their hand or banning their video, and that WILL happen, unless you get lucky or follow the advice below and stick to the types of ecommerce videos YouTube loves most:

  1. Product Review Videos
  2. “Cool New Product that Solves a Problem” Style Videos

(BONUS: Posting videos on YouTube often means your product shows up at the top of Google when customers search for your keywords because Google owns YouTube and shows YouTube videos the most love!)

6 Simple Yet Powerful Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing Link

Step 1: Create Videos that Drive in Traffic and Sales

Create 2 videos for YouTube (you’ll want to share them across other platforms as well). Your first video is a ‘Cool New Product’ video where you’ll focus on the PROBLEM your product solves. The second video is a ‘Product Review’ video. Both videos MUST contain a call to action to “Click the link below to find the best price on [insert your product name]” at the end of the video.

Now for the question I know you’re dying to have answered, “What should I say in my videos?”

Unless you’ve studied how to create a high-converting product review (advertorial style) or how to create a “Cool New Product” video that gets liked, shared and generates profit you’re likely in the dark about this.

My best hint is that if your Amazon Product Listing is already converting off the charts use the most powerful bits and pieces of the bullet points there. Remember, you want your video to sound conversational, not choppy, so rewrite these pieces into a compelling short video review sales script (or if you want someone else to craft you a high-converting, hypnotic video for your Amazon product you know where to find me 😉

SALES BOOSTING TIP: Create an exponential sales effect by clicking “Advanced Options” your videos in your YouTube Creator Studio to add “End Screen and Annotations” and “Cards” that encourage viewers to watch your other videos and follow your channel so they receive updates. (YouTube makes it self-explanatory once you click on End Screen Annotations or Cards).


Step 2: Add Your Link to Your YouTube Video Description

Go to My Channel > Creator Studio > Click Edit on the video you want to edit – the description is beneath the video.

Post the link for your product in the description section with a call to action like “Get the best price on [keyword] when you click here now: [paste link].

BONUS RANKING TIP: Include keyword infused paragraphs describing your product directly below your links for extra ranking juice.

BONUS MARKETING ANALYTICS TIP: Use a trackable link below each video so you can track how many people are actually clicking it.


Step 3: Rank Your Video on Page 1 of YouTube

Optimize your video to achieve page 1 rankings on YouTube.

Time to Optimize: ~ 1 Hour

Time to Achieve Page 1 Rankings on YouTube (for me): ~ 1 Hour to 48 Hours

I won’t go into the full details here because as you can imagine, an hour of work requires thousands of words and countless steps, so consider hiring someone who knows how to do this to execute your way to page 1.


Step 4 – SHARE

Go back to and search for your video using your title.

Click on your video.

Use the YouTube Share Links (below your video on YouTubes main site) to share it across every social media network (you may need to setup social media accounts first but it’s well worth it).



Continue to share these across your social media sites. Post them to your website. Distribute your videos through additional video networks. Get them out everywhere you possible can and ALWAYS make sure that you’re search engine optimizing (SEO) your video every time you share it.



REPEAT Steps 2 through 5 for your other videos…


It’s a little known that Amazon shows your product more love when you sell more than one at a time. (I call this the Amazon Cycle of Love).

Milking it is simple.

Instead of sending your YouTube traffic directly to your Amazon product link, send it through a SALES FUNNEL that offers multi-product discounts.

Perk #1: You sell more products (AND you capture your prospects email address so you can build a marketing list. Is this legal? YES because they aren’t Amazon’s customer before they buy your product when you send them through your sales funnel, they’re YOUR customer first…so you can capture their information on your email list and use it to market during your next launch.)

Perk #2: When your average sales amount goes up, Amazon gives your BSR a boost resulting in extra search engine juice and a swift flight up the charts to Page 1.

Perk #3: As if a list to market to for every product launch and a higher BSR and sales wasn’t enough using a sales funnel reinforces (cements) the reason the customer should buy your product in their minds so they’re less likely to hunt and peck around Amazon and more likely to simply review then Click Add to Cart when they arrive on your page.

Perk #4: You can send them to the ‘search results’ for your specific product where no other products show up, so it appears so though your product is the only product of that kind on Amazon, further increasing the changes they’ll buy!


So go ahead and give this free traffic method for getting more Amazon customers a shot and remember if you have any questions you can always drop me a line.

Make Today Amazing!