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20% Off SOS Sale Re-Opened – Ends February 4, 2018

Hey loving Amazon community!

The other day I re-opened 20% off your Hypnotic Amazon Product Sales Optimization Package special from the SOS Summit for a very limited time…

…and the most common question people as is, “Is this what I really need to grow my sales and increase my conversions?”

I can relate. I know this is a sizeable investment into your business, so I want to explain who my Hypnotic Amazon Product Listings are for…and who should avoid it.

Before we get to the questions, if you’re struggling with any of these 4 types of ‘problems’ I believe this is your best option.

1. If you want to increase your sales this is designed to help you discover your full sales potential…
2. If you want to increase your Amazon, Bing, Google and major search engine ranking so you’ll actually gain more organic traffic that converts to sales this is the right thing to do..
3. If you know your conversions should increase yet you’re confused about exactly what to say to push your customers hot button so they buy then this is precisely what you need…
4. If you’re launching a new product and you’re determined to accelerate and become profitable the fastest way possible then this is for you…

And remember. There’s a rock-solid “10 Times What You Pay Me” plus 365 day unlimited optimization guarantee. So if you order today and you hit any bumps in the road then you can contact me at any time for help. (How cool is that?)

Remember you can save 20% to 50% right now, but this closes on January 4th at 11:59PM Pacific.

That said, let’s get to the questions.

“What if I don’t know what keywords to target for my backend and my marketing – will you include that when I order today?”

Absolutely! I deliver you a full Competitive Buyer Keyword Analysis so you know precisely which words deliver your competitors the most sales!

“What if I don’t know which images to use for maximum conversions in my EBC listing – will you include that when I order today?”

Yes! You get all the EBC image guidance you need when I deliver your Hypnotic Amazon Product Listing.

“What if I get stuck and Amazon won’t let me change my title? Can you help me with that?”

Of course, I have a proven script and strategy that gets your title changed within hours. I’ll hand it over if you ever need it!

“I’m in a hurry to see more sales – can you deliver my Hypnotic Optimized Amazon Listing fast?”

That depends. It’s always first come first serve but if you contact me and ask nicely I may be able to squeeze you into one of the few Retainer Client spots I leave open for my top sellers.

You see, when I re-designed my packages last year I created an end-to-end service to deliver maximum sales online. So if you’re ready to quickly, easily and joyfully grow your Amazon business and save 20% to 50% along the way then you’ll want to click here to see if it’s right for you now.

Talk Soon,

Diane Boerstler, M.NLP

P.S. There’s loads of testimonials from thrilled Amazon Sellers along with proof of doubled conversions for brand new sellers to seasoned vets there so feel free to browse around. Just remember your chance to save a bundle (which I’d suggest you invest on advertising) ends tomorrow February 4th at 11:50PMPacific.

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